Claim your access to the Beta of Hell Eluja
A Beta is the version of a game before it gets released. The gameplay is there, but there’s still a few bugs to sort out and some modifications to make to improve the game.

It’s completely free and you can test the game whenever you want. Invite some friends and make sure you check the “How To Play” section.

Your feedback will help us improve !
To play the game you need :
- An Android tablet or smartphone with the free Dungeon Master Companion App (Google Play)
- A Samsung Gear VR and a compatible smartphone
- Connect the 2 devices on the same WiFi network

You are subscribing to the Beta, once you have been added to our list of testers, you will be able to download the game on Oculus store for Gear VR.. You will be required to download the companion app on Google Play (free).
Thank you! We will add you to the Beta Channel and you will be notified as soon as it's done. Please visit for the setup instructions.

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